How does it work

With Lynx Connector when is set up it extracts the data, processes and send to the server Lynx Dashboard and from this moment all the information are available for the users to access at any time and from any device, with all the security and access restriction that each scenario deserves.

Why to use Lynx Dashboard

Lynx Dashboard uncomplicated the usage of indicators and provides information at any place with access security using modern technologies resources.
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Records the history of the indicators for an overall management of the company, as well as stores comments, sends alerts, create and monitor action plans.
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A vital intelligence tool to increase the level of rights decision making of the company.
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Main features
  • 1 Indicators grouping in 2 levels
  • 2 Create any type of Indicators
  • 3 Register and Follow the goals
  • 4 Visualize daily, weekly, monthly, semiannual and annual information
  • 5 Graphical Display (Bar, lines, area, pizza, scorecard)
  • 6 Register and visualization of linked comments into the indicators and period
  • 7 Creation of Combined Graphics (2 axis)
  • 8 Panels Creation for automatic display in TV/Monitor
  • 9 Action Plan Creation based on the Ishjkawa Diagram and SW2H Methodology
  • 10 Generation of alerts via email