Lynx Dashboard

The purpose of the Lynx Dashboard is to facilitate the corporate managers work. For this, we develop a system that turns data into strategic information in a secure, agile, automated and simplified way.
The Lynx Dashboard is a vital intelligence tool to monitor the corporate activities and for definition of realistic prognostic.
See bellow all the features and benefits that are avalable for Lynx Dashboard.

Lynx Connector

Lynx Connector capture the data from your company autonomously. With a simple installation and few setting is possible to integrate any transactional data from your company. The systems already used, such as ERP, MRP or production control system, can be linked with Lynx Connector.

This process is performed with:

  • Instantaneity
  • Security
  • Precision
  • Integrity (Without any interference in other Software)
  • Practicality (without required any technical knowledge from the operator)